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Wild Fire


Fire Safety Is Our Priority

In 2023, READING SMOKE was established in order to provide first rate fire protection services across San Francisco . Since then, we’ve established a reputation for handling our duties in an efficient and effective manner. We make sure to stay ahead of new challenges facing our ability to put fires out quickly. We work closely with the public we serve to ensure that we all live in the safest environment possible, and engage with them through community outreach programs and educational seminars on the latest in fire safety.

Department Members

Who We Are

READING SMOKE has a rich history of service and commitment to visitors and residents of the greater San Francisco area. Our dedicated team of fire and rescue professionals work hard and risk their lives every day in order to serve and protect the community. Learn more about the team of people who put their lives on the line every day in order to protect us all.

Fireman with Hat

Charlie McMann

1st Lieutenant

Charlie McMann is in charge of various operations at the fire station and is a key part of our team. Charlie McMann has served at READING SMOKE for many years and works hard to keep citizens safe every day.

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Fireman Holding Hammer

Jordan Parker

Fire Chief

Jordan Parker helps with a variety of fire safety courses and public outreach programs. Although one of our newest team members, Jordan Parker is quickly climbing up the ladder by demonstrating leadership and dedication.

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Young Fireman

Taylor Quill

Fire Marshal

As our Fire Marshal, Taylor Quill carries a lot of responsibilities. With that heavy burden on their shoulders they still manage to stay focused and alert every day in order to maintain safety in San Francisco .

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Wild Fire
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